Kristian Balog


About me🙋‍♂️

Hello 👋 I'm a DevOps engineer and Python developer. I'm very passionate about all things computing related, with most of my interest resting heavily in security and automation.

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Who is more right? This is a project I started to help me learn about full-stack app development and to also get an idea of how these apps work in the background to help with my bug hunting.
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MERN Stack, Web, Mobile
All-in-one tool for automating Android app reverse engineering. This is a Python module I wrote to help me automate the recon process when bug hunting in Android apps.
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Python, Java
Discord Bots
I have created a couple chatbots for Discord, some for fun and some for automation, such as a torrent search bot and a bot to automate my bug bounty recon workflow
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Python, Automation
A tool I made to reduce the cost of renting a VPS. It is used to quickly deploy a VM from a snapshot and then snapshot it and delete, therefore you only pay for the time you use it. I have also created a Slack bot for it to automate the process even more
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Linux, Automation